Celebrating 90 Years: Our FLA Story

We have come a long way. From its small beginnings as a small boarding school between Lake Estelle and Lake Winyah, Forest Lake Academy has grown into a premier academy for Adventist education.

It has been 90 years since FLA began on its current property, and the physical change is obvious. Farmland has turned into classrooms where students can not only excel in their learning but also grow in their relationship with God; barns have made way for dormitories where students from all over the world can come and receive an education that they would not have otherwise.

Yes, we have come a long way. We have been through tragedy and heartbreak, but we have made it through with the community we have developed. As we look back on the progress that has been made and remember the good ol’ days, we also look forward to the future. No one knows what will happen with FLA, but we can be sure it will be great.


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