Eudora Stephens

Student’s name
Mark & Denzel Noel

What do you love about Forest Lake Academy?
Where do I begin? The teachers are the best. I appreciate their willingness to do whatever it takes to help the kids succeed. Their availability after school is remarkable. My students call their teachers for homework help. I love the mentoring and role modeling provided by these godly teachers. Because of health class my students ask me to replace juice pouches with bottles of water in their lunch sacks. I also love how polite, kind, and friendly everyone is.

Why did you choose Forest Lake Academy for your child(ren)?
Adventist Christian Education

In what ways have you seen your child grow in their faith as a result of their experience at FLA?
My nephew Denzel credits his growing relationship with God to the staff at FLA. He is interested in everything spiritual telling me recently that he needs “all the Jesus I can get”. He is determined to dedicate his life to serving God and others. He is also maturing nicely and settling into his relationship with God. I thank God that FLA reinforces what I teach them at home.
Forest Lake Academy’s mission is to instill in your child a love and service for God, respect for self and others, intellectual growth and a Christ-like character. In what ways do you see FLA fulfilling its mission for your child?
My child wants to dedicate his life to serving God and others.

Eudora Stephens


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