Guidelines for Purchasing Uniforms

I am new to Lands’ End. Please help me get started.

  • Click on Buy School Uniforms (Quick Links- Bottom Left, on every page of the FLA website)
  • Fill out the student profile – Include first name, gender, and grade/status – click on “SAVE SCHOOL”
  • Create a Lands’ End account
  • Sign in using your email and password
  • Shop, add to your bag, and check out
  • Don’t forget to sign up for “Exclusive offers and news” (“Join our Mailing List,” or “Join our SMS texting list”) before signing out.

Some Helpful Hints

  • Always shop under your student’s profile – this will guarantee you are purchasing FLA approved uniform items
  • When selecting items for purchase, make sure you are in the proper sizes (i.e. Adult, Junior, Young Men – Not in Kids or Toddler).
  • Check for the sale currently in effect – Don’t  forget to include the code and pin on your order to make sure you get the sale price.
  • If you have questions on sizing, either stop by the school with your student and have them try on the item or…
  • Click on “Fit & Size” to check additional sizing information. Talls are available for some items.
  • When adding an item to your bag, make sure the correct logo is showing in the “Logo Preferences” box. All uniform items must have the FLA logo.
  • Join the mailing list or SMS texting list for exclusive offers and news.

If something is not right with my order and I have to return part of all of it, what do I do?

Call customer service and have them walk you through the return process.

Lands’ End is known for it’s great customer service. Call the customer service number or check out the help available to you on the customer service page on the website (Top right on every page). You will find:

    • Contact Us
    • Track My Order
    • Make a Return
    • FAQs
    • Chat

The Lands’ End store on campus has a limited supply of polos and shorts for guys and ladies. Please feel free to call the Welcome Center for any uniform questions. We will make sure we help you find the information you need.


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