About Forest Lake Academy

Forest Lake Academy (FLA), founded in 1926, is a college-preparatory Seventh-day Adventist Christian boarding academy for 9th –12th grade students. Located in Apopka, a suburb of Orlando, it is owned and operated by the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

FLA is strengthened from the diversity of cultural and ethnic backgrounds blended together in work, play and everyday life. FLA also has a distant education program, in which classes are taught live, on –campus with interactive video sessions everyday between all students and teachers.

Mission Statement

To show students Christ, nurture their love for Him and others, teach them to think critically and empower them as scholars to live the gospel.


Vision Statement

We will be an educational institution that uses innovative and engaging academic practices that are founded on Biblical principles to prepare students to pioneer the work of taking the gospel to the global community every day.


Forest Lake Academy is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) and the Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools (CESS). It is a member of the National Council for Private Schools, CITA– Commission on International and Trans-regional Accreditation, Adventist Accrediting Association, The Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventist School System, which is an official accrediting body of the Florida Association of Academic Non-public Schools.


Forest Lake Academy participates in the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA). Forest Lake Academy interscholastic athletics program includes Golf, Women’s volleyball, Men and Women’s soccer, basketball. Intramurals are also offered for our students in flag football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, a running club and softball.
In addition to Athletics we have: Chapels, Servant Leadership Praise and worship band, Peer tutoring, Spiritual retreats, Mission trips, Leadership retreats, National Honor Society, Student Government, Senior retreat, Yearbook, Faculty families, Improv team and Senior Play.


Three types of Diplomas are awarded:
1.    HONORS: 3.75 GPA + Honors Track Courses
3.   GENERAL: 2.0 GPAHonor Tracks: Math, Science, Humanities and Health Careers Track start Sophomore year.

Dual Enrollment Classes

FLA partners with Adventist University of Health Sciences to offer seniors with a minimum cumulative 3.50 GPA the opportunity to take college courses for dual credit. There is a discounted tuition fee per credit hour ($95).
There are eight dual enrollment classes offered:
1.    Anatomy & Physiology 101 (4 hours)
2.    Anatomy & Physiology 102 (4 hours)
3.    College English 101 (3 hours)
4.    College English 102 (3 hours)
5.    College Statistics (3 hours)
6.    College Calculus (3 hours)
7.    Psychology (3 hours)
8.    Developmental Psychology (3 hours)

Graduation Requirements

•    24 Credits
•    English: 4 credits
•    Science: 3 credits
•    Math: 4 credits
•    Fine Arts: 1 credits
•    P E & Health: 1.5 credits
•    Foreign Language: 2 credits
•    Vocational: 1 credit*
•    Religious studies: 4 credits
•    Community Service: 100 hours/25 per year + Electives
* College Prep Diploma Requirement # 1 credit for each year at FLA