Forest Lake Academy offers a unique Christian environment where the leaders of tomorrow can dream big while beginning to frame their own ideas for future professions.

The Guidance section of this website provides several of the elements necessary to get them started on the right foot. College planning tools and ACT/SAT preparation information are a solid first step.

And whether it’s an exciting encounter with someone at one of our career days, or a gut feeling after an inspirational FLA class, future English teachers and engineers alike also benefit from guidance tools such as vocational inventory quizzes and wage conversion information.

It’s our privilege to watch the transformation that takes place in these formative teenage years when personal independence and spiritual independence combine as God shows students a variety of unique ways to work for Him in the world.

ACT/SAT Testing Information

Career Information

College Planning Tools

Scholarship Information


Watch this video for step by step information on how to fill out the government form for Financial Aid.