Alexander Torres

What years have you attended Forest Lake Academy?

What do you love about Forest Lake Academy?
At Forest Lake Academy, the staff genuinely care about you. They care about your hard break-up, they care about things that aren’t going well at home – they care when it is hardest for them to do so. They look for exciting and innovative ways to engineer intricate images of cells and living beings, while having a broad enough mindset to delve into the general psyche of every student.

Beyond the staff is a motivation for success on behalf of the student. “For Students. For Life.” is their motto. In the classrooms of this school there are mentors for today, tomorrow, and eternity. Many students produce fruits that are directly taught and shared with them by the staff at FLA. Class pastors, chaplains, and the teaching staff itself create and emanate a nurturing, Christian environment for everyone.

These are the reasons why I love Forest Lake Academy, among other reasons.

Describe one of your favorite teachers and tell why he/she is a favorite:
You know, there are some great teachers at FLA. Some great storytellers and some great scientific minds. I would have to say that the best teacher would have to be Ms. Celia Denton. She teaches math, which is hard enough. Then, on top of that, she teaches the hardest kinds of high school math. I took Algebra 2 from her, and learned a massive amount of theorems and equations and that sort of thing from her, but more than these, I learned about God through her short worships at the beginning of class, where she daily shared Bible verses that stood out to her.

Besides painting beautiful, colorful pictures of math, she also provided herself as a guide and tutor a major percentage of the time, staying long after school is out to help, as well as having one or two open periods each day for questions and help. She tries to keep an environment in her classroom that is cognitive of different learning styles and learning speeds. Mrs. Denton is awesome!

In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your experience at Forest Lake Academy?
I had an injury during 2013 Pep Rally. Since I wasn’t able to do much through recovery, I had to quit working at my job in housekeeping. Luckily for me, the school nurse had an opening for me to work for her. I had a significant drop in hours of work because of this change, and I did not embrace it well. When a person that can’t stay without work is suddenly and unexpectedly devoid of activities, it is hard to have material happiness.

Over a period of several months in class, I heard a recurring theme: lean on God when times are tough. I had never believed it was true or possible to place my faith in God so completely. I have always been mature enough to grasp enlightened concepts in Christianity, but never had I understood this simple truth. I revelled in its impartial grace and support and control. Forest Lake Academy has set me on the straight-and-narrow path in my spiritual life.

Tell us your story about how Forest Lake Academy has made a difference in your life:
FLA has given me hope for generations to come. By training the raucous current generation of teens that pass through the school in religion, thought, and sciences, FLA is preparing the world around us today for eternity. The students at Forest Lake are passionate about injustices in the community and the world. The people at this school pray for those that are mistreated and have fundraisers for organizations that help the unfortunate. Some even participate in events such as Bridgetown, which cater to the homeless in the Portland community. Groups go to Latin countries that are without and are kept away from the humanity and friendship that humans have to have. FLA gives me comfort in the knowledge that through everything, there will be strong Christian youths that will pioneer everyone, till the end of time.

How do you feel that FLA is preparing you for graduation, college and life? What are your plans after you graduate?
FLA has given me a variety of choices for college. The Guidance Counsellor sends out resources for any person’s tastes. Community colleges, state colleges and universities, private and public schools for a wide array of majors and careers. The teachers and chapel speakers give what cannot be given from a textbook; however, their teachings have equivalent academic value. If the speaker chooses not to focus on spiritual topics, then they provide life lessons and mantras for students to live by and for.

I plan on going into business and/or finance because of my love of sorting and spreadsheets. FLA’s IMT class gave me valuable skills in Office products that I will use throughout my career. For these gifts, I am eternally grateful to FLA’s staff and students.

Alexander Torres