Allen Isidro: FLA Alumni & Parent

January 21, 2022 | by ALLEN ISIDRO | FLA Alumni & Parent

If you would have told me my senior year in high school that one day I'd have my own child attend my alma mater, I would've looked at you a little funny and laughed out loud.

But, 26 years later, who's laughing now?

This past year I officially became a parent of a high schooler at Forest Lake Academy, and I couldn't be more proud. I'm thrilled because I see her taking part in classes and experiences that I once had on the same campus, and it's become a wonderful journey down memory lane.

It's a nostalgic feeling, every time I'm on campus to attend one of her sports games or musical concerts, even picking her up from school at the parking lot by the Schmidt. I'm flooded with wonderful memories of my time there, even if it was so long ago. Memories of experiences that I've cherished, of friendships and relationships that I still have to this day, and lessons learned that have helped shape me into the person I am today.

Some things have changed since I attended. No longer is there a dormitory standing where I once called home as a dorm student for 2 years. Technology has helped modernize classrooms and has become the leading platform for teaching and communicating with teachers and friends. In some cases you can even attend classes virtually, and not be physically present in the classroom! And we didn't have social media to keep in touch with each other. Back then, our version of social media meant hanging out with your friends in the library looking through archived newspaper articles via microfilm machines for research paper content. Things have certainly changed!

And yet, what hasn't changed is the foundation on which FLA was founded: Love for God, teachers who truly care beyond the classroom, and students who are proud to represent their faith and their school.

I am grateful for my time here, but even more so, I'm grateful that FLA continues to exist to provide our children a place to grow and learn at a high level.

Even after 26 years I can truly say that my experience at Forest Lake Academy has undoubtedly left a positive mark in my life, and it is my hope and prayer that the same can be said after my own kids go through these halls.

Allen Isidro
Class of 1995



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