Invest in Your Brain - 2022

January 10, 2022 | by TOM TAVASCI | FLA Music Director, Band and Strings

Q: Where is the best place to invest in 2022 with stock indexes and real estate around all-time highs?

A: Your brain.

That's right. Investments of as little as $5-6 in your brain can leverage powerful, life-changing returns for any area of your life. Guaranteed. And for many years to come.

Here's how it works: go online and buy a used book for any area of your life you want to improve. Read the book and highlight the ideas you want to remember. Then apply what you learn to your daily thoughts and actions. Set some goals in that area, review them daily and track your results.

So, what area do you want to get better results? Fitness, spiritual growth, relationships, recreation, finances, career, your stress level, organization, adventure?

Go to a used book site and search on that topic. In addition to amazon, there are other websites that have books at great prices and some fun incentives. I love There's free shipping on orders over $10 and you can earn few books as well! I certainly do. I like to search on amazon so I can use the "Look Inside" feature. Then if I want to buy it I go to thriftbooks or another site where the prices are often a little less.

Here's my hot tip - buy a book by Tommy Newberry. He's an outstanding success coach and committed Christian who lives in Atlanta. A few years ago the Forest Lake Academy staff got signed up for 40 days of brief podcasts emailed to us every morning. Tommy woke us up with smart tips on how to make the most of our day. I was so impressed, I searched out his books on-line. They are now on my all-time favorites list. Here are two of them:
  • 40 Days to a Joy-Filled Life - Tommy Newberry
    Our minds can only hold one conscious thought at a time, so why not make it a really good one. Tommy packs tips, inspirational thoughts and great wisdom into 40 short, easy-to-read chapters. I keep copies in my home, office and car. It's that powerful! There are ideas worth highlighting on every single page.
  • Success Is Not An Accident - Tommy Newberry
    This book will take you on an amazing journey of clarifying your highest values, setting goals, creating an action plan and taking the daily steps that help us make the most of our lives. Tommy amazes me again with how many practical tips can be found in one book.

I've read many personal growth and success books over the years. This one is my favorite and it puts God right in the middle. This is refreshing because it's God who gives us our abilities, interests and opportunities. Combine this book with the Bible promises of God's guidance in your life and as Tommy Newberry says, "Your success will bless many others".

So do it today! Invest in your brain and bless yourself and many others this year. Act before midnight tonight. Operators are standing by!



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