Cornelia Scribner

How long have you taught at Forest Lake Academy?
2 years

What do you teach at Forest Lake Academy?
English as a Second Language

Why do you like teaching at FLA?
I enjoy the family-like atmosphere that exists on campus, the student diversity is a good representation of the real world. Additionally, the faculty, administration, and staff make it a blessing to work here.

How do you teach a Christian Worldview in your classes at FLA?
I teach a Christian Worldview in my classes by keeping God at the core of my instruction. At the beginning of the year, the initial devotional thought that I share is regarding the authentic (God’s Word) vs. the counterfeit (Satan’s World allure). I make a diagram on the board regarding what God says and how the world contradicts God i.e. purity vs. lust, Sabbath vs. Sunday, truth vs. lies, delayed gratification vs. instant gratification, etc. Students begin to see that the Creator is the originator of all that is good for us and that Satan presents the carnal (feel good, yet bad for us) perspective. We discuss how the counterfeit fools so many because it is fun and temporarily cool, but in the long-run leaves us empty.

God’s Word is read on a daily basis and students converse or write their reflections about His Word during devotions. When we read literature, we refer back to what the Bible says, so that we intentionally compare and contrast the world’s view vs. God’s view.

What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?
I think that God has endowed me with an ability to care for my students’ individual needs and nurture them so that they will flourish in a way that is feasible for each one. I think that this creates a safe learning environment and causes my students to thrive in more than mere academics, but on the emotional and spiritual levels, as well. Love is the universal language!

What sets FLA students apart from students in other schools?
What sets FLA students apart from students at other schools is the fact that they have an ardent desire to learn.

How do you accomplish the mission of FLA to instill in our students love and service for God, respect for self and others, intellectual growth and a Christ-like character in your role at FLA?
I believe that the only way to instill love and service for God, respect for self and others, intellectual growth and a Christ-like character is to model all of the above.

What do you want your students to gain from having known you?
As a result of knowing me, my prayer is that my students will gain an awareness of God’s sovereign power over their lives, and as a result remain teachable so that Jesus, the Master Teacher, may instruct them on a supreme level. Under His supernatural tutelage, they will learn how to live fulfilled and abundant lives!

Cornelia Scribner