Health and Safety

At Forest Lake Academy the health and safety of our students is of paramount importance. As such, we have implemented several policies to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. Those policies can be read in detail in our official Reopening Plan.

Regardless of our best efforts, the possibility remains that one of our students or staff members could contract the virus at some point. While FLA is restricted from commenting on individual cases, we have a desire to keep our valued community informed. Please know that if Seminole County Health Department Officials identify your student has had possible contact with someone who has a confirmed case of COVID, they will contact you with further instructions. In the event of a positive COVID-19 case, FLA has been instructed to rely on the Health Department to carry out all contact tracing and communicate isolation and quarantine requirements to the individuals potentially exposed.

FLA COVID CASE COUNT - Updated 01/21

Active Cases Resolved Cases
Employees 1 2
Students 5 11

ACTIVE CASES — individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are currently in isolation.

RESOLVED CASES — individuals who had tested positive since the beginning of school (August 24, 2020) and have since recovered and been cleared by the Seminole County Health Department.


Published 10/06

Station 1: All students must enter through the Forest Lake Church Parking entrance each morning (7:00 - 8:00 am)
Station 2: Parents/students please use the left lane. Student drivers please use the right lane. All students must enter center campus through this station.
Station 3: All vehicle occupants (students & parent) will have their temperature checked. Any vehicle containing someone with a fever will not be allowed to drop off students. That vehicle and All occupants will be asked to leave the FLA campus immediately.
Station 4: Drop-off. Name badges will be checked and daily stickers will be handed out
Station 5: All non-student vehicles will exit the main gate each morning.

Student Pick-up will remain the same as in previous years; one pick up area by the Schmidt Auditorium and another area just inside the main entrance.

Reopening Strategy

At Forest Lake Academy, we are committed to the safety and well-being of all students, faculty and staff while still providing an excellent FLA experience.

As we look to reopening face-to-face learning on August 24, our FLA leadership has partnered with our FLA COVID-19 task force and the Florida Conference Education Department and has used guidelines set by the local county, the state, and the CDC. The school has worked diligently to develop a reopening strategy that allows for flexibility and transparency – keeping two main priorities in mind:
  • Safety of our students, faculty, and staff
  • Providing the highest caliber education where your child is nurtured, loved and empowered
Our goal is to see students back in their classroom seats interacting amid appropriate precautions with each other and with teachers. This is a very important environmental setting for students, teachers, and parents alike. We intend to conduct in-person classes in as safe a manner as possible for both students and teachers.

Read more details about our reopening strategy.


FLA's In Person Guide
Published 8/10/20

FLA's Virtual Guide
Published 8/10/20

FLA's Health and Safety Plan
Published 7/28/20

FLA's Reopening Guidelines V.2
Published 7/27/20

FLA's Reopening Strategy V.1
Published 7/03/20


Published 7/23
FLA leadership has partnered with our FLA/FLEC joint taskforce, an FLA Medical Advisory Committee that includes an AdventHealth epidemiologist, as well as other doctors, nurses, and medical personnel, and the Florida Conference Education Department to develop our reopening plan. In addition, we have used guidelines set by the local county, state, and the CDC.

The school has worked diligently to develop a reopening strategy that allows for flexibility and transparency- keeping two main priorities in mind:
  1. Providing our students the opportunity to be back in their classroom seats interacting amid appropriate precautions with each other and with teachers, and
  2. Providing an opportunity for students with health and safety concerns the opportunity to engage remotely in the education taking place in the classrooms.
The FLA Admin team, has spent the summer planning how to deliver high level of instruction to both our students in the classroom and virtually. Students participating in virtual classes will have the same access to the teacher as any other Forest Lake Academy student. They will be able to ask questions in class, participate in learning activities, and receive help and feedback on their work. In addition, they will be able to set up virtual tutoring times (similar to our on campus Power Session lunchtime tutoring sessions) with their instructors when needed.

One benefit we have at Forest Lake Academy is many of our teachers have previously taught using this model when we had our "Connect Distance Learning Program". This experience will help our teachers seamlessly offer wonderful instruction to all of our students. In addition, the use of the iPads, Canvas LMS system, and Microsoft Teams will all be resources for our students to engage in class activities, access class materials, and receive feedback and tutoring.

We are confident our planning this summer, the experience of our teachers, and the resources we have in place will help us provide an excellent educational experience.

To be a part of the virtual learning experience, please email
At present the start of school has been delayed until August 24.
FLA has conducted a thorough pre-entry building preparation which includes the installation of signage, hand sanitizers, and plexiglass dividers. All custodial staff are receiving additional training on sanitization best practices. In addition, we have developed daily sanitization protocols. These include updated cleaning procedures, hiring additional custodial staff, cleaning restrooms every 2 hours and using disinfecting electrostatic fogging machines for an even deeper sanitization. UV lights have been added to classroom HVAC systems to aid in air purification.
Additional classroom space has been created to accommodate smaller class sizes. Desks will be arranged to accommodate physical distancing. When six feet distancing is not attainable, sneeze guards are installed on the desks. Teachers will be wiping down desks and doorknobs between classes. Students will use their own personal school supplies. There will be no shared supplies. Students will use only their assigned iPads. Students will be allowed to bring backpacks but will be expected to keep personal belongings to themselves. COVID-related signage will be posted throughout our school, including at entryways and in classrooms, with information on preventive measures, good hygiene, etc. Students and staff will be trained in prevention measures (handwashing, use of masks, proper sneezing/coughing, etc.), and those lessons will be reinforced regularly. Designated student traffic flow patterns will be in place.
Yes, we will have a hand sanitizing area in every classroom and others will be located throughout campus.
All students must arrive in vehicles entering at the Forest Lake SDA church -515 Harley Lester Lane (next door to FLA). Students and other individuals in the vehicle will have their temperature checked every morning while still in the car. Those who present with a temperature that exceeds 100.4 degrees will be asked to leave campus. If the temperature is below 100.4 degrees, the student will receive a sticker that must be placed visibly on their student ID badge. Students must wear their ID. The sticker will be checked at each classroom. Please refer to the new entry map above.
Staff will have temperature checks daily and will be monitored for history of exposure. Their requirements for returning to work are equivalent to the students' protocol.
Yes, students will be expected to be wearing a face mask when they enter campus and throughout the school day (the safest and most effective mask is a surgical style mask). Should a student not have a mask one will be provided for them. Masks will need to stay on unless the student is drinking water or eating lunch. Sanitized face shields will be provided for lab classes. Masks must harmonize with the school dress code and should include no logos, images, or slogans. Gators and bandanas are not acceptable.
All FLA employees and teachers will be required to wear face masks or face shields on campus. If an employee is working in an office by themselves, they may remove the mask.
Answers to this are still evolving and our decision will be impacted by the local community athletic plans and by the guidance provided by our medical consultants. We do recognize there are varying levels of risk within different team sports. There is a high probability that it may be necessary for some sports to be delayed, modified, or canceled.
Yes, we are planning on offering music with safety protocols in place. These may include students being socially distanced, reduced class sizes, instrument coverings, outdoor rehearsals, or focusing on music appreciation instead of performance at the start of the year.
Smaller groups will assemble and adhere to socially distancing safety guidelines. This will include using virtual engagement. Solo performances as opposed to praise teams will be utilized with no sharing of microphones.
PE classes will take place in the Rodney Fulbright Gymnasium and outside. Planned activities will consider physical distancing measures as well as limiting the sharing of equipment among students.
We are eliminating self-service bars in the cafeteria. Products like utensils, condiments, etc., will be provided in individually wrapped packaging and disposable plates and containers will be used. Self-serve options will be individually packaged, and menus have been revamped so that meals can be provided in closed containers unless the meals are served and handed directly to the student. Spaced seating inside the cafeteria will be designated for students and extra outdoor seating is being provided so students can physically distance and eat outside. All cafeteria workers will follow FLA and AdventHealth safety protocols. Families will be required to have adequate funding in their student's lunch account as we will be operating on a cashless system. Of course, students always have the option of bringing their own sack lunch from home.
No. Due to current safety concerns during this pandemic, students will not be permitted to leave and return to campus throughout the school day. Seniors may leave campus when their classes are complete.
In an effort to keep both staff and students safe, we are pursuing unique alternatives and virtual activities/events. We understand the importance of social engagement for our high school students and are striving to continue this in a safe and creative way. Present circumstances and safety concerns make it highly unlikely, at this time, that students will be placed into a bus or van for off campus trips or activities.
Remote real-time virtual access to classes will be available for students who, for medical or safety concerns, feel they cannot be in the classroom:
  1. A student in a high-risk category
  2. A student with a temporary absence due to a health concern where on-campus attendance is not recommended/ allowed, but the student can still work from home to allow the continuation of instruction, so the student does not fall behind.
  3. A student whose parents may not feel comfortable having them on the physical campus due to the inherent risk of possible exposure.
  4. Remote virtual learning students must be preapproved in advance. Please contact our registrar at if you want your student to begin the year virtually.
Students will not be permitted to switch back and forth between in person and remote learning options at will. When a virtual student and their parent considers it safe to return to the physical classroom, such arrangements may be made.
We will place the student in a designated isolation room to separate anyone who exhibits COVID-like symptoms. The school nurse will use Standard and Transmission-Based Precautions when caring for a student with possible COVID-19 Infection. Parents will be called to pick up student and ask them to notify local health officials. The school is currently finalizing a partnership with AdventHealth that will allow our school nurse to immediately access an online doctor to assist with assessing a student. Should it be deemed necessary, the doctor will be able to immediately issue an order for COVID testing to take place at a local CentraCare where the results can be received in 15 minutes.

The school will notify families and staff of any positive case at a school. Under federal law, we would not be able to identify the person. However, FLA would immediately begin working with the Health Department to facilitate contact tracing for anyone who may have had 'significant' contact with that person, currently defined as having been within 6 feet for 15 consecutive minutes. This would include but not be limited to students/staff in the classroom or participating in extracurricular activities, etc. Through the contact tracing process, those with such contact would be informed of the steps they need to take depending on the circumstances of each case.

Deep cleaning/sanitizing of facilities would be carried out as appropriate, and the affected areas locked down as necessary. FLA would consult with the Health Department on any additional steps that would need to be taken to promote the safety of others at the school.
It will be important for the school to have knowledge if anyone has tested positive for COVID-19, resides with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, and/or has come in direct contact within a 14-day period with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Tracing diagnosed cases within our school community will allow us to have a better understanding of our overall school-wide campus health and safety plan, as well as any concerns localized to a building, or classroom.

Jill Villimain and Kevin Wright, our school nurses have been designated to be the school point of contact for COVID-19 concerns. Their email is and the office phone is 407-862-3780. Please notify them immediately of any possible exposure or positive test result for COVID-19 and keep your student at home until return to school is approved.
We recommend that you not travel out of town during the current pandemic. If you are traveling out of town, please notify the school, and should it be deemed necessary, the school may ask the student to wait for 14 days before returning to school. Should this be necessary, the student will be able to temporarily connect virtually to class.
Schools and districts, locally and globally, are facing similar challenges. We have been examining models and have had many conversations with school leaders across the state, country, and internationally to learn about creative ways to reopen schools. This includes other public schools, districts, private schools, and Adventist academies.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate the many complexities this type of planning presents.

We also want to thank you for your continued trust and support with the education of your children. Although change can be inconvenient, it can also be a tremendous time for opportunity and I know our community will emerge from this stronger than ever. We want to invite each one of you to reach out to me with any questions, frustrations, rumors etc. so through honest conversations we can all move forward with peace.

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