Health and Safety

COVID 19 in the 2022- 2023 School year

We are excited to welcome our students and staff to the 2022- 2023 school year. Your safety remains our number one priority. With the relaxation of all masking and social distancing mandates, we urge each member of our community to make responsible choices in the way you interact with each other, to minimize the risks associated with the spread of infectious diseases.

Though these measures (masking and social distancing) are not being mandated they are strongly recommended for the prevention of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases within the school community.

We will continue to monitor the the spread/ impact of COVID 19 while observing the guidelines outlined by the CDC and our local public health department. We will also work closely with our Health and safety team to implement best practice measures should the impact of cases on our operations necessitate more stringent measures.

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to a safe and successful school year.



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