Maude Ramoutar

Student’s Name:
Brent Ramoutar

What do you love about Forest Lake Academy?
The caring Christian environment that allows children to excel and plan for the future.

Why did you choose Forest Lake Academy for your child(ren)?
For the above reason and my son needed a home away from home to transition into college.

In what ways have you seen your child grow in their faith as a result of their experience at FLA?
Brent went to an Adventist school most of his school life. However, three years ago he was placed in an environment where he did not have to acknowledge God . Therefore, the family is happy that he is now in a Christian environment where he can grow spiritually.

Forest Lake Academy’s mission is to instill in your child a love and service for God, respect for self and others, intellectual growth and a Christ-like character. In what ways do you see FLA fulfilling its mission for your child?
Increase his knowledge of God to himself so that he will be able to share with others ie. becoming more bold!