Ritchmy Richards

What years have you attended Forest Lake Academy?

What do you love about Forest Lake Academy?
I love the opportunities that I have had at FLA. From being part of the different campus events that serve as a ministry to the other students to living in the dorm and being exposed to the different cultures of my fellow dormies.

Describe one of your favorite teachers and tell why he/she is a favorite:
One of my favorite teachers has to be Mrs. Nelund because she is so kind and patient. When she isn’t helping me with Spanish she is there to give me good advice or just talk.

In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your experience at Forest Lake Academy?
My faith has grown more than ever before by being at FLA. Ever since I started going to Forest Lake Academy I’ve started having my own devotions because I realize how important it is to take your faith seriously and not just to follow the crowd.

Tell us your story about how Forest Lake Academy has made a difference in your life:
Well, as many people know, getting a Christian education is very valuable but also comes at a price. And sometimes this price makes it seem almost impossible to continue going to the school. But what was considered impossible for me was not impossible for God. And by His grace I was able to receive generous donations and scholarships. And God continued to bless me over and over again and I was able to attend FLA for 4 years.

How do you feel that FLA is preparing you for graduation, college and life? What are your plans after you graduate?
I feel that FLA has prepared me for graduation by making sure that I’m on track for graduation and by sending out valuable college information to me. Mrs. Garcia is also very resourceful in setting up workshops and appointments about practical college and career information that seniors need. After graduation, I plan on attending Indian River State College, here in Florida and then transferring to Union College in Nebraska and receiving my Bachelors Degree in Education.

Ritchmy Richards