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rodney mcfadden

Believer | Coach | Musician | Author

Meet Rodney McFadden

"Everyone learns differently.
Everyone wants to know they are loved."

These universal truths guide Rodney McFadden’s work.

With deep appreciation for these ideals, Rodney lifts the spirits of everyone around him. He draws out the potential he sees in every student, every player, and everyone he meets at FLA.

Rodney is head teacher of Senior Bible Studies here at Forest Lake Academy. He is also a motivating coach, an inspiring musician, a guiding chaplain, and, most recently, a published author.

Teaching is what he was always meant to do and his relationship with God helps him continue to realize his ambitions. He shares his blessings with our students daily – believing in them, drawing out the potential in them, helping them develop their own relationship with God, and encouraging them to follow their given paths.

All individually.

He knows everyone learns differently and that everyone wants to know they are loved.

Teaching is his calling. God is his devotion. His students are his passion.

Rodney's Latest Creative Work

"All children have been endowed by their Creator with awesome, even Super Powers"

Rodney works passionately to develop the opportunities given to him. He thrives in sharing his gifts through teaching, music, spiritual support, and writing; while humbly giving credit to God and his family for his blessed successes.

His latest success comes in the form of a family masterpiece, a deeply meaningful and artistic book sharing an awesome truth with the world – that all children have been endowed by their Creator with Super Powers that should not be ignored.

My Sister Has Super Powers is a joyful gift for so many parents, siblings and families who support loved ones with special needs.

Written by Rodney, illustrated by his wife, Denys, and inspired by his two children, this book captures the brilliant relationship of a magnetic dynamic duo, Journee and Carter. Carter is an energetic and adventurous little boy whose view of the world and loving relationship with his big sister fill the pages of this book. Journee is his amazing big sister, a talented and inspiring little girl challenged with autism.

"My hope is that this book will help all children understand that they are wonderfully made, regardless of the special or unique challenges they face"

Rodney McFadden

Check out the trailer:

On achieving your Dreams

Write down your goals. Pray for them. Follow god's will.

Rodney dreamed of working at Forest Lake Academy early in his journey to teach. People told him it wasn't possible. People told him he wasn't good enough. He persevered past these words of disencouragement, wrote down his ambitions, and looked to God for guidance.

He could feel he was destined to teach. He would get lost in the joy of creatively refining his skill. He prayed. He set his goals of being part of FLA. God's will prevailed and Rodney is now one of the most respected faculty members at FLA.


Rodney's favorite moments, music and manuscripts.

Senior Outbreak

Rodney was overcome by peace and clarity at Senior Outbreak 2019. Early in their senior years, students are given the opportunity to bond as a class and prepare for their newest chapters with stronger, more deliberate relationships with each other and with God. Lakeside. Under the night's sky. Sharing in music. It is magical.

"Please Don't Pass Me By"

Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ always lifts Rodney. “Please Don’t Pass Me By” is among his favorite tracks. About how broken we all are and how desperately we need to cry out to our Savior for healing, deliverance and wholeness, it is an awesome reminder with incredible rhythm.

The Great Controversy

Rodney recommends Senior Bible students read The Great Controversy by Ellen G. White. Not once, but many times over their lifetime. He continues to revisit the manuscript and receives newfound guidance and messages from God each time he experiences the work.


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