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Ciara Denila

Ciara Denila

This is my second year attending Forest Lake Academy (FLA) and I love the social and spiritual events, although this year has been a lot different due to COVID. It is so refreshing to attend events that are both fun and spiritual, where you engage with God and each other. Banquet, International Food Festival, Festival of the Arts, Spiritual Emphasis week and Underground church were all events that made my school year joyful last year. Both Spiritual Emphasis Week and Underground Church were such a blessing to me. I was really drawn in by the beautiful music of the praise teams. The music performed during the Black History month chapel inspired me so much I cried. I have grown my faith and I've learned how to become more engaged in my spiritual life since coming to FLA.

If you are looking for a school that focuses on spiritual guidance, God, and communication with other students, then FLA is a good choice. The events here are incredibly inspiring. You will always feel supported by administration and from other students, like me. FLA can give students the fulfilling high school experience they need.



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