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Welcome Home: Dorm Life at FLA

A diverse group of U.S. and international students are proud to call Forest Lake Academy “home.” And we are proud to see our Panthers form life-long friendships and mature as individuals during their time in McClure Hall (young men) and Memorial Hall (young women).

Living on FLA’s campus is a unique and powerful experience. Our strong, values-based community helps students develop self-discipline that in turn supports self-esteem and future success. Dorm students tend to be more confident in the classroom, more involved in co-curricular activities, and more mature in their personal relationships.

Seek to Thrive

FLA’s deans work hard to foster a caring but structured environment for our dorm students. Through clear rules and expectations, and empathetic guidance, they help shape not only the dorm experience, but also each student’s personal formation.

Additionally, select upperclassmen serve as resident hall assistants. Through this paid leadership position, they minister as peer role-models and mentors for underclassmen.

Together, these dorm staff members help students thrive during their time at FLA and beyond.


Frequently Asked Questions about Dorm Life

Not sure what to bring? What is required when you live in the dorm? We answer all your questions here.


Dorm Information and Policies

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