Student Ambassadors

FLA Student Ambassadors

An FLA Student Ambassador is a student leader who represents and promotes Forest Lake Academy to the community. Student Ambassador’s will help educate visitors about campus life and history of the school, conduct school tours, support recruitment events, and serve as host for major campus events throughout the year. Student Ambassadors are selected by an application process each year.

Abigail Harcombe ‘17

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Interests: Photography, Art, Baking

“What I love most about FLA are the people. The students and staff are welcoming and kind. The camaraderie is impeccable. Also, it’s a safe environment where everyone can be themselves.”

Miriam Paul ‘17

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Interests: Broadway, God, Music

“I love the fact that this school is super diverse and everyone brings a piece of their culture with them.”

Maxleaf Pierre ‘17

Hometown: Berrien Springs, MI

Interests: Music, Art, Gaming

“What I love most about FLA is how accepting and nice everyone is.”

Konnor Settie ‘17

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Interests: Basketball, Shoes, Music

“I would say I love the people you come across at FLA. It’s such a diverse and talented staff and school with so much more than what meets the eye.”