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A diverse group of U.S. and international students are proud to call Forest Lake Academy "home." And we are proud to see our Panthers form life-long friendships and mature as individuals during their time in McClure Hall (young men) and Memorial Hall (young women).

Living on FLA's campus is a unique and powerful experience. Our strong, values-based community helps students develop self-discipline that in turn supports self-esteem and future success. Dorm students tend to be more confident in the classroom, more involved in co-curricular activities, and more mature in their personal relationships.

The boarding experience at Forest Lake Academy is one unlike any other boarding school. Our boarding program is intimate, housing less than 50 students. We have a diverse group of citizens as well and international students. This intimate program allows for the Dean to provide the attention to students as they experience all the Forest Lake Academy has to offer. We are located about 40 minutes from Disney and take the opportunity to invest in academic, spiritual and recreational activities near and in Orlando. We would love to have you become a part of our dorm community.

For the young women's dorm, contact Rochelle Daughma
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For the young men's dorm, contact Kevin Abrahamson
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We are looking forward to meeting you.

Dorm students, please download and read the handbook for dorm rules and gudielines.

Dorm Resident Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the best experiences about residing in our dorms is having a roommate. Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors will be paired to a roommate. Students may request a roommate or be matched with a new resident. The Dean will take every consideration when matching students together. As part of their cultural experience, all International Students are required to have a roommate. Senior students may acquire a room alone for an extra fee.
Mandatory study hall is from 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm, Sunday through Thursday. If students receive a D, F, or I grade then an additional hour of study hall is required which begins at 6:30 pm. Lights out is at 10:30 pm. At this time students are to remain in their rooms through the night until they prepare to leave the dorm in the morning. Other quiet hours will be designated at the Dean's discretion.
The spiritual growth of each dorm resident is an integral part of dorm life. We have an AM and PM dorm worship daily. AM worship is at 7:30 pm and is held in the dorm lobby. PM worship is is after study hall and is held various places; 2nd/3rd floor hall, joint worship (young men and young women) in the dorm chapel and floor worship in the lobby. This time is focused on personal growth as young Christian men and woman. Our residents are provided opportunities to share testimonies, lead out in worship, listen to special speakers, be mentored, engage in special activities, participate in gender specific discussion (Guys' Talk & Bloom Talk), bond spiritually with the other residents and team up with Forest Lake Church youth group for monthly vespers and game nights.
Bible, Twin Size Bedding, Portable Fan, Surge Protector, Alarm Clock, Wastebasket, Laundry Basket, Laundry Detergent, Shower Caddy, Towels, Wash Clothes, Robe, Shower Flip-flops, Toiletries, Desk Lamp, Flashlight, Poster Putty, Necessary School Supplies (large poster paper, markers, stapler, tape, scissors, etc.) for class projects.

Optional Items

Mini Refrigerator, Iron (ironing board on each floor), Dean approved room decor, wall hangings, plastic ware, paper bowls/plates.
Pets, Bikes, Skate/Penny/Long Boards Roller-skates, Weapons/Firearms/Knives Fireworks, TVs, Video Consoles, DVD Movies Rated Above PG, Video Games rated Mature, Incense/Candles/Matches/Lighters, Extension Cords, Stringed Lights, Keurig/Cappuccino/Coffee Maker, Inappropriate Posters/Games/Magazines/Books, Paint-Ball Guns/Balls, Parental-Advisory Music/Lyrics, Toaster/Toaster Ovens, Microwave, and Jewelry.

FINES FOR INAPPROPRIATE ILLEGAL MATERIALS HAVING ANY OF THE ITEMS IN THE "ITEMS NOT TO BRING" SECTION WILL RESULT IN THE ITEM BEING CONFISCATED. Any item that is confiscated will be tagged and given to the Parent/Legal Guardian. Some of these items carry a cash fine. If fines are applicable, they must be paid for before the item is returned. Residents have until the end of the semester to pay their fine. At the end of the semester, the item becomes property of the residence hall. Also, final exams may be withheld until the fine has been paid. If a resident continues to abuse this policy it may result in school discipline.
There are laundry facilities in the Young Women's dorm are on the 2nd (2 sets of stackable units) and 3rd floors (2 sets of full size units). They are all located on the 3rd floor in the Young Men's dormitory. The coin operated washers and dryers requires $1.00 for each load. Students are responsible to purchase their own laundry detergent. The Deans will provide change to the students. In keeping our dorm clean and each student is encouraged to keep the laundry facilities organized and cleaned.
We offer weekly town trips to Walmart and various malls around Central Florida. These trips allow the students to purchase the necessary items that they need ever week. Parents are responsible for providing their daughter funds for shopping. In addition, we sometimes couple these trips with a special dinner or have an outing in lieu of the town trip. These expenses will be covered by dorm funds.
There are a myriad of volunteer opportunities for our dormitory students in addition to our school sponsored outreach activities such as our annual Pack the Forest. The Spend and Thrift is walking distance from our dormitory and is on the campus of Forest Lake Church. Our students are able to volunteer as many hours as they would like to throughout the academic year We join forces with Forest Lake Church youth group for community service projects. Our dorm program also participates in outreach activities in other churches, schools (Family Fun Night), retirement homes and in the community throughout Florida.



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