Scholarship Information

2019 Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

Type: 16 High School Credigs: College Prep Diploma High School GPA: College Entrance Exams:
FAS - Florida Academic Scholars 100 community service hours 4 English
4 Math (Algebra & higher)
3 Sciences ( 2 labs)
3 Social Studies
2 Languages
3.50 weighted ACT 29 Composite score: Enlish, Reading, Math, Science
SAT 1290 Evidence-based Reading / Writing and Math
FMS - Florida Medallion Scholars 75 community service hours 3.00 weighted ACT 26 Composite score: Enlish, Reading, Math, Science
SAT 1170 Evidence-based Reading / Writing and Math

Enrollment Opens Dec. 1, 2018

Apply to the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship since it will pay for full or partial tuition in a public state university or the private university of your choice (ADU). Even if you don't go to college in FL you can still get it matched in other states by the college you will attend. For example: SAU will give you $3,000 yearly. Opens Dec 1, 2018

Once you have filled out the application, Florida Bright Futures Scholarship sends the School Counselor an alert. The School Counselor will then enter the student's transcript, test scores, community service hours, and any other relevant information after graduation.

During the summer of your graduation, you will receive an email/letter directly from Florida Bright Futures Scholarship whether you qualify for a scholarship and which scholarship will be awarded. For further questions and inquiries call them directly at 1-888-827-2004.




Address: Forest Lake Academy
500 Education Loop, Apopka, FL 32703

Phone: 407-862-8411


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