Student Life @ FLA

Our classes and teachers are top-notch, but make no mistake … it's the student life and extra-curricular activities that make Forest Lake Academy the place you'll never forget.

Whether it is a Student Association event, community outreach or class parties, our "student life" section will provide the inside scoop on what happens outside the classroom. Life's lessons aren't learned entirely from a book, and the other ways are a lot more fun. From running to robotics, our clubs have got you covered. Maybe you enjoy sports but have never been part of an official team. If so, the Forest Lake Academy Panthers have a jersey with your name on it. Are you good at gathering consensus on a topic (you know, important stuff like deciding with your friends if Taco Bell sounds good for dinner)? With only minor adjustments, it sounds like our student government association would be a natural fit. Drama, theater, music, robotics, we have a wide variety of activities to chose from.

Come, let us show you!

Student Life at FLA


Just ask your parents (no, seriously!), these are the grades when friendships that last a lifetime are first born. It's three or four really important years where the things you take interest in have the potential to shape a future career. And the students in these after school activities with you become companions on the road to adulthood.


Our next mission trip has yet to be announced. If you are interested in finding out more information please call our front office or send us an email. Below we answer some common questions about our mission trips and their cost. The pricing table is from last year's trip.

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