Financial Contract Process

Upon acceptance, the Student Accounts representative in the Business Office will prepare the financial contract with each family. Note: Financial contracts must be completed for each student for the current school year. These contracts outline payment plans and are signed by the parent / guardian, financial sponsors and Forest Lake Academy. If financial assistance is needed to help offset the cost of tuition, the parent / guardian must complete the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment Application. This must be done online at No financial assistance will be awarded unless this application is successfully processed by FACTS. Deadline to apply is July 15.


Forest Lake Academy contracts with FACTS Management Company to provide the following services:

Grant and Aid Assessment Program:  A program where families provide their relevant financial information directly to FACTS. Information gathered by FACTS remains strictly confidential. The FACTS information is compiled to evaluate the financial need status of each applicant and is communicated to Forest Lake Academy. Note: An annual fee of $35/family is required for this program. Deadline to apply is July 15. Note: The FACTS Management Company is not a grant or scholarship provider.

Blackbaud Tuition Management

Blackbaud Tuition Management Program: Management: Blackbaud Tuition Management for parents provide tuition management services include online account access, tuition and fee invoicing along with payment processing. The benefit of the program include:
  • Accessibility to accounts electronically to view charges and make payment
  • Assurance that payments and adjustments are made in real time
  • Choice of processing dates and monthly payment plan
  • Monthly tuition, other fees and charges must be paid through Blackbaud Tuition Management.

    Tuition Assistance Programs

    Programs Funded by Forest Lake Academy
    Forest Lake Academy's Tuition Assistance Programs includes programs are funded by, but not limited to, donations from generous partners such as Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, local churches, institutions, alumni and friends.

    Note: Families desiring grants / scholarships provided by Forest Lake Academy, or priority consideration for student employment through the Business Office must complete the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment. Forest Lake Academy has limited scholarship resources and completion of the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment does not guarantee the awarding of assistance. Deadline to apply is July 15.

    Programs Funded by Outside Organizations

    Forest Lake Academy's Tuition Assistance Programs include scholarships and grants funded by outside organizations. Note: These scholarships are not affiliated with Forest Lake Academy. The academy holds no responsibility in determining final eligibility or maintaining or setting the policies of these programs. It is the responsibility of parent / guardian or financial sponsors to ensure that all eligibility criteria are met and maintained throughout the scholarship period.

    Step Up for Students Scholarship
    This grant is for students who meet the established guidelines. This information is available by visiting the website for Step Up for Students at

    McKay Scholarship
    This grant is for students who meet the established guidelines. This information is available by visiting the website for McKay at

    Tuition Discounts
    All discounts are calculated on the tuition amount less outside sources. Registration Fee, Technology Fee, or Room and Board are not eligible for discounts. International students are not eligible for these discounts.

    Prepayment of a semester by July 31 or January 1 respectively will receive a 1.5% discount
    Prepayment of the full year by July 31 or January 1 respectively will receive a 3% discount
    A family with two or more full-time students will receive a 5% discount for each student

    Taxability of Scholarships and Grants

    Forest Lake Academy is not responsible for any tax liability incurred due to the receipt of a grant or scholarship.

    Miscellaneous Charges

    Miscellaneous charges are not included in the Financial Contract and must be paid promptly.

    Fees that May be Charged to the Tuition Account

    • Elective class supplies – Art and Music classes – $50
    • Uniforms
      • PE – $10 per shirt and $10 per shorts
      • Music groups – $110-$200
    • Returned check fee – $35.00
    • Graduation Fee – $125
    • iPad break – First break = $60 / Second break = $100 / iPad replacement = $350
    • And similar items

    Fees that May Not be Charged to the Tuition Account

    • Community student meals
    • ID card replacements
    • Library fines
    • Extra-curricular activities, including Varsity

    Release of Transcripts

    Transcripts and diplomas will not be released until account balances, including all miscellaneous charges, are paid in full.

    Foreign Currency / International Students

    All fees must be paid in U.S. dollars. Parents of international students may contact the Business Office to make payments by phone. All international students must pay their fees in advance.


    Tuition accounts of students withdrawing from Forest Lake Academy will be adjusted and tuition incurred will be returned on a prorated basis. Actual withdrawal dates will be the effective date used for refund calculations. Refunds and / or final accounting will be provided within 30days of this date. Registration and Technology fees are non-refundable after the first week of school. The Miscellaneous charges mentioned above are also non-refundable.

    Payment Obligation

    It is a binding contractual obligation on the part of the parent / guardian to pay the entire tuition charge for the student as specified on the current payment schedule regardless of attendance. Nonpayment of financial obligations is grounds for immediate dismissal of students. No portion of fees paid our outstanding will be refunded on cancelled due to any subsequent absence, voluntary withdrawal, or forced dismissal of students.



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