Pioneers of the Past, Present and Future.

From modest beginnings as Winyah Lake Academy, our rich heritage and our vision for the future define our sense of continuity and our connection to our community.  We are proud of this legacy and the hundred years of quality education we have had the privilege of providing. This centennial celebration is also about the fond memories of the past, the sheer joy of the moment and the hopes and dreams of the future.  


Throughout the past century, we have followed a bold vision for the welfare and spiritual character of our youth, created on a solid foundation built not only with brick, stone and glass, but also on the broad shoulders of a legacy rich in innovation and true to what an Adventist education should be.  

These last hundred years have been all about transformation. Advances in transportation, communication and technology have brought us closer together, yet at times, we can feel further apart than ever before.  Yet in spite of that, we are more connected by our faith, our humanity and our love of God, family and friends. Enhancing, embracing and strengthening that connection has been a major focus of FLA for the past hundred years and will continue to be for the next hundred.

Forest Lake Academy Class of 1931
Graduation Day


Over the past century, we have fashioned the groundwork for our ongoing mission to show students Christ, nurture their love for Him and others, teach them to think critically and empower them as scholars to live the gospel.

This year, we celebrate the hard work, dedication and accomplishments that have enabled us to deliver on that promise.  This investment of time and talent has helped us craft an educational environment admired around the world. Today, we are at the crossroads of opportunity, as we continue to evolve and grow, based on the same principles we were founded on one hundred years ago.


At Forest Lake Academy, our educational program is a natural outgrowth of a few core beliefs about what matters. Everything we do springs from and is infused with these foundational values:

We exist because a personal, caring God caused us to exist.

True education involves the development of both the intellect and the conscience, under the influence of God's Spirit.

Effective education is student-centered, providing an opportunity for students to find their own relevance and meaning within the concepts being presented.

The highest human relational value is selfless love based on mutual respect.

To operate the school in a financially sound manner that is cognizant of the limited resources of parents and the conference, and that provides for the programs of the school in the most efficient manner possible.

It is never acceptable to settle for good enough.

If these are your values and beliefs as well, perhaps Forest Lake Academy is the school for you.

We are always looking for motivated, spiritually-driven young people, to join is in our efforts to make ourselves, our community, and our world, better.

Education in Action—it's a truly exciting idea whose time has come!



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