S.T.E.P.S. of Faith: Spiritual Life at FLA

During their spiritual journey at FLA, students:

S erve the local community
T rain to be disciples and walk with Jesus throughout life
E xperience being Jesus to one another
P roclaim His name though their servant leadership
S ow the seeds of faith in core of their being

FLA has educated 12,000 students since our doors first opened in 1926. Each one has a different story — unique academic, social and spiritual reasons for choosing to attend our school.The FLA Admissions Team is eager to introduce and welcome you to our Christ-centered community. We encourage you to explore this page to learn more about our admissions process, and we look forward to learning your story soon.

At Forest Lake Academy, we empower students to learn, love and lead through a Christ-centered education. Our mission, vision and values aim to develop thoughtful servant leaders that live out and extend Christ's ministry. Our Radical on Christ (R.O.C.) campus ministries program is designed to foster a scripturally based, team-centered and student-led experience. We guide our students through the S.T.E.P.S. to form an active, holistic and lifelong relationship with Christ.

10 Core Realities Guide Our S.T.E.P.S.

  1. The Bible is the ultimate foundation
  2. Veracity means actively exploring and living the truth
  3. Authenticity acknowledges both our flaws and worthiness
  4. Audacity dares us to be bold in our faith
  5. Humility opens us to learn and let Christ lead
  6. Diversity opens doors to bless others
  7. Sanctuary allows us to take refuge in Christ's love
  8. Intimacy keeps Christ ever-present in our lives
  9. Mystery keeps us in awe of His might
  10. Creativity combats complacency and keeps us engaged



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