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Pre-Arranged Absence Form
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FLA's Attendance Policy

The faculty and administration of Forest Lake Academy believe that optimum learning is a result of maximum class attendance and that the classroom experience cannot be duplicated. Therefore, excellent attendance is expected of all students since being present and on time are important life skills. We further believe that repeated tardiness diminishes the importance of punctuality in the mind of the student. Every student is expected to be at school every day, on time, and prepared for class, except in the case of illness, family emergency, religious holiday, or a school-sponsored event. Parents should attempt to schedule appointments after school. Recurring medical appointments should be rotated so the student does not always miss the same class.

Students on campus MUST attend class unless they have obtained an excuse from the nurse, a teacher or staff member. Once a student has arrived on campus, he or she may not leave campus (other than if approved for Senior lunch privilege) without the specific permission of Academy Administration. All students must be in class, at work, or in a study hall during every period of the school day. Students who drive may receive special permission to leave campus after their last class or work appointment. If such permission is requested and granted, the student must leave campus after their last scheduled appointment.

Absence Limit
The maximum number of excused or unexcused total absences is (5) per quarter per class. After 4 absences a student will receive a warning. After five absences, the student will be asked to meet with Administration to discuss their current enrollment status. If a student reaches 11 absences in a nine week/quarter, he or she may be dropped a letter grade in that class. At 15 absences, the student will be subject to losing credit in that class according to the Florida Law (Section 1003.436) Florida Statute. This may be appealed for extenuating health/medical circumstances. School Sponsored Trips (SST) will not count against your allotted absent totals for the nine weeks/quarter or semester.

To participate in Varsity or JV games or events, students must have attended all scheduled classes on the day of the game and/or event.

Excused Absences
Any legitimate absence accompanied by a Prearranged Absence Form or faculty explanation will be taken under consideration by the administration. Extended illnesses will require a letter from a doctor. All absences will be counted towards the ten-absence limit.

Acceptable Reasons for Absences or Tardiness:

  • Injury or illness
  • Death in the family
  • Mandatory court appearance
  • Unavoidable medical or dental appointments
  • School-sponsored activities
  • Pre-arranged absences (at least one week in advance) at the discretion of school Administration.

Because punctuality is important, students are held strictly accountable for prompt attendance at all classes, Chapel/ITAG and scheduled meetings.

  • Students are considered tardy when they are up to 10 minutes late, after 10 minutes the student is considered absent. Their attendance will be marked AT, absent due to tardy.
  • The only time a tardy will be excused is if the student was delayed by another staff member or if he or she had a prearranged medical appointment. A note from the staff member or medical office will be required for the tardy to be cleared.
  • If a student is tardy after first period, they will receive a $5 fine per tardy. Students are to pay the fine at the Media Center by the Friday of the same week. Emails will be sent daily to notify students, parents/guardians, and staff of acquired tardies.
  • In addition, a student who has accumulated five (5) tardies in a nine weeks/quarter will be required to serve a Detention. Every five additional tardies each nine weeks/quarter will result in an additional Detention, however, if a student receives a third detention, he or she will be asked to meet with Administration see Student Conduct and Disciplinary Response Code).
  • Tardy count starts over every nine weeks.
  • Please note that when a student accumulates two Detentions for whichever type of misconduct, he or she may be suspended and/or placed on probation. Please refer to Student Conduct and Disciplinary Response Code.
  • Work missed due to unexcused tardy (such as quizzes, bell work, etc.) may not be made up.

Students must contact the attendance officer via email to be excused from Detention and must make contact before the Detention is supposed to be served.



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