Campus Ministries at Forest Lake Academy

Campus Ministries

Campus Ministry is ministries that are led by students. Each of these ministries foster spiritual growth through spiritual activities.

Below is a list of our current campus ministries on campus. Any student who is interested in starting a ministry on campus can contact the campus Pastorfor direction and support. Campus Ministry meets weekly to track progress, provide support, and equip our leaders.

  • Revive: A gathering of students whose sole wish is to REVIVE their soul through worship and small group biblical discussions. Students choose to attend REVIVE meetings and all of the programs are student led. Throughout the school year, we have REVIVE Friday night and Sabbath vespers programs.
  • RED: Stands for Read, Encourage, and Doctrine. Bible study groups that wish to go deeper in the study of the word and how is applies to the everyday life.
  • Unify: A small discipleship group led by students. Each group voluntarily will meet on a regular basis for spiritual support through the study of God's word, encouragement, and prayer. Praise & Worship: Our praise and worship team plans all the praise and worship songs that will be sung for the school year. They are also in charge of scheduling praise and worship teams for chapels and any other spiritual gatherings that we have at FLA.
  • Side Kick Hero: A band of students that are looking to bring JOY to our student body, faculty, and staff. It could be as simple as volunteering in an area that the school may have needs, or reaching out to someone who may need encouragement. They will also bring extra JOY to all of FLA during their birthdays and any other celebrations.
  • Meet Me at the Pole: Students who make prayer a priority in all they do. These students will plan and execute prayer at the flagpole that will occur every Wednesday morning of the week. They will also make it a point to encourage prayer in any other areas of school life.



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