Parents and Students Express Their Gratitude

A compilation of encouraging messages from our parents and students regarding FLA's response to remote instruction and community engagement during the coronavirus pandemic. Share your experience with us! #WeareFLA #Pantherpride

We appreciate our teachers

We're grateful for FLA Teachers

FLA is a true College Prep school

Distance learning at FLA


At Forest Lake Academy, our educational program is a natural outgrowth of a few core beliefs about what matters. Everything we do springs from and is infused with these foundational values:

We exist because a personal, caring God caused us to exist.

True education involves the development of both the intellect and the conscience, under the influence of God's Spirit.

Effective education is student-centered, providing an opportunity for students to find their own relevance and meaning within the concepts being presented.

The highest human relational value is selfless love based on mutual respect.

To operate the school in a financially sound manner that is cognizant of the limited resources of parents and the conference, and that provides for the programs of the school in the most efficient manner possible.

It is never acceptable to settle for good enough.

If these are your values and beliefs as well, perhaps Forest Lake Academy is the school for you.

We are always looking for motivated, spiritually-driven young people, to join is in our efforts to make our ourselves, our community, and our world, better.

Education in Action—it's a truly exciting idea whose time has come!



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